Month: December 2016

Am I Depressed?

Yes i am….
This year I experienced the toughest trials in my life. It’s hard being depressed and highly emotional, because I distanced myself from many people. You know the “supposingly” friends I thought I had they never checked up on me to see if I was okay. I don’t have any friends what so ever, no one asks me “do you want to hang out tonight” or just a simple text saying hey! Sometimes I just sit and think like no one really cares how I feel. You know I’m beginning to realize how little i mean to everyone and it’s pretty painful. And yeah i am a naturally introverted person, I always been. My introverted qualities always got misunderstood with being “stuck up”, “mean”, or “antisocial”. But I am the nicest person you’ll ever meet, once you get to know me. Everyone has bad days, experience trials, and goes through a struggle. Yeah, it’s nice to have that one friend to just talk to sometimes, but I don’t have that right now. My life just feels like a test I didn’t study for. And when i cry about one thing,  I end up crying about my whole life.
The lesson to this is dont be so quick to judge a person, you never know what there going through. Help someone out just by asking if there okay, or if they need anything, instead of gossping behind their back. You may make someone’s day,because communication goes a long way.

#Feminist Harmony is what this is all about, it’s about helping women all over the world. It’s about inspiring women to be powerful, independent, and supporting other women through any cause. I want Feminist Harmony to grow, and I’m going to grind everyday to make this happen.

Fake it till I make it !

Graduating high school was amazing and now the real world has really been taking a toll on me. I feel like I should have a car, apartment, and a car by now. You always end up having one without the other. I work at a restraunt and that’s not where I want to be working forever. I’ve also been trying to save up for a car and for me to attend college in August. Doing this all by myself is so hard, and I break down sometimes, like i just cry myself to sleep some nights. I try to grind hard everyday, because I know that’s whats need to be done. I care about my future a lot, but I just keep looking at the negatives and not the postives. I’m trying to start this blog, just to let some of my feelings out, and let others in my life, because I need to pick myself back up. I want to inspire someone out there, I do think I can make a change in someone’s life one day. I guess I call my life “fake it till i make it”.

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