Let’s grind together !

Everybody looks like there having the life on social media, but I’m going to be the one to tell you the truth I’m still working towards mine. I’m working on it each and everyday, while working 2 jobs it’s very stressful ! But at the end of the day who’s going to help you succeed? Not your mommy, daddy, not your boyfriend, NO ONE but YOU!
I did a lot of crazy things in my years and I know I have more years to come but I’m learning from each mistake I make. I wake up each day and grind because I want to make an impact on women to go harder! I love seeing women working on ways to succeed and empowering others to make a difference. This empire of mines will be created in a matter of time. I really think the future is female, it has to be. I want the younger generation to understand in order to grow and get to where you need to be, you need to do it yourself. My generation some women just want to hang with others who always got the tea ☕️ but why ? Let’s find the boss females that spend everyday working on themselves.
Let’s help the next women, don’t talk down to the next women, HELP THEM! But if there not willing to take that help then you keep moving.

I’m tired of making someone else rich, so I’m going to do what I have to do to establish my own empire. Feminist Harmony is all about real queens fixing another queens crown when it has fallen down. It’s going to take a lot to build an empire but trust me I’ll make it happen!
Join me on my road to success even though not every turn I choose isn’t the right way.

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IG: @shantelllaa
Facebook: Shantlle Robinson


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