You were comfortable in the skin you were in right? You were feeling confident when you posted that fire instagram picture right? So what your showing a little bit of skin…. isn’t it your body?

Its no secret that social media, the fashion industry, and everywhere else has been a culprit of body shaming. As a feminist I want to fight to achieve equality in every aspect of life: political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights. Me being a young female in this world, and having social media accounts, having instagram my favorite, I do post photos showing my body. And it DOESN’T mean anything, like being a “hoe”, “slut”, and all the other names in the book. I post whatever I want, because it’s MY BODY! Can we stop telling women who show there bodies to respect themselves. We do respect ourselves, we’re actually in love with our bodies, but you keep shutting us down, and talking down on our bodies.

  • I hate to see the next women shaming another women about there body.

You never seen boobs before or a stomach? Does it scare you? YES I was in high school and dress code was a big thing for girls. To me dress codes promote rape culture and sexism towards women. Saying that if they are confident to wear what they want; they shouldn’t because men are in the room.

Our society promotes rape culture and degrades to be feminine. 

The naked body of a female is treated so weirdly in today’s society. People are always begging to see it; but once it’s shown; someone’s a hoe.

WHO GETS TO DECIDE WHICH BODY IS PERFECT ? No one !! Don’t forget that! 

Rape culture is encouraging male sexual aggression. This is a society where violence is seen as sexy and sexuality as violent . Women go through a lot everyday just by wearing something they feel comfortable in. They perceive threatened violence that ranges from sexual remarks to sexual touching to rape itself. Men and women assume that sexual violence is a way of life. And it’s not!!

Closure : 

I want every female to get up and look in the mirror and tell yourself that your beautiful. Admire every part of your beautiful skin, and body. Forget about the marks, and the simple flaws! Dress up today in anything you want, add some lipstick and jewelry. Next we’re going to add some heels…… STUNT BABY ! You look lovely.



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