Fake it till I make it !

Graduating high school was amazing and now the real world has really been taking a toll on me. I feel like I should have a car, apartment, and a car by now. You always end up having one without the other. I work at a restraunt and that’s not where I want to be working […]

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You were comfortable in the skin you were in right? You were feeling confident when you posted that fire instagram picture right? So what your showing a little bit of skin…. isn’t it your body? Its no secret that social media, the fashion industry, and everywhere else has been a culprit of body shaming. As […]

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Let’s grind together !

Everybody looks like there having the life on social media, but I’m going to be the one to tell you the truth I’m still working towards mine. I’m working on it each and everyday, while working 2 jobs it’s very stressful ! But at the end of the day who’s going to help you succeed? […]

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Why settle for love ?

Isn’t being in love the greatest feeling? Didn’t you feel all them crazy butterflies in your stomach ? And when the relationship was good, it was GREAT, but when it went bad, it was BAD ! You probably wanted to be done and over with the relationship, or did you want to continue in the […]

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Am I Depressed?

Yes i am…. This year I experienced the toughest trials in my life. It’s hard being depressed and highly emotional, because I distanced myself from many people. You know the “supposingly” friends I thought I had they never checked up on me to see if I was okay. I don’t have any friends what so […]

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