Fake it till I make it !

Graduating high school was amazing and now the real world has really been taking a toll on me. I feel like I should have a car, apartment, and a car by now. You always end up having one without the other. I work at a restraunt and that’s not where I want to be working forever. I’ve also been trying to save up for a car and for me to attend college in August. Doing this all by myself is so hard, and I break down sometimes, like i just cry myself to sleep some nights. I try to grind hard everyday, because I know that’s whats need to be done. I care about my future a lot, but I just keep looking at the negatives and not the postives. I’m trying to start this blog, just to let some of my feelings out, and let others in my life, because I need to pick myself back up. I want to inspire someone out there, I do think I can make a change in someone’s life one day. I guess I call my life “fake it till i make it”.

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You were comfortable in the skin you were in right? You were feeling confident when you posted that fire instagram picture right? So what your showing a little bit of skin…. isn’t it your body?

Its no secret that social media, the fashion industry, and everywhere else has been a culprit of body shaming. As a feminist I want to fight to achieve equality in every aspect of life: political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights. Me being a young female in this world, and having social media accounts, having instagram my favorite, I do post photos showing my body. And it DOESN’T mean anything, like being a “hoe”, “slut”, and all the other names in the book. I post whatever I want, because it’s MY BODY! Can we stop telling women who show there bodies to respect themselves. We do respect ourselves, we’re actually in love with our bodies, but you keep shutting us down, and talking down on our bodies.

  • I hate to see the next women shaming another women about there body.

You never seen boobs before or a stomach? Does it scare you? YES I was in high school and dress code was a big thing for girls. To me dress codes promote rape culture and sexism towards women. Saying that if they are confident to wear what they want; they shouldn’t because men are in the room.

Our society promotes rape culture and degrades to be feminine. 

The naked body of a female is treated so weirdly in today’s society. People are always begging to see it; but once it’s shown; someone’s a hoe.

WHO GETS TO DECIDE WHICH BODY IS PERFECT ? No one !! Don’t forget that! 

Rape culture is encouraging male sexual aggression. This is a society where violence is seen as sexy and sexuality as violent . Women go through a lot everyday just by wearing something they feel comfortable in. They perceive threatened violence that ranges from sexual remarks to sexual touching to rape itself. Men and women assume that sexual violence is a way of life. And it’s not!!

Closure : 

I want every female to get up and look in the mirror and tell yourself that your beautiful. Admire every part of your beautiful skin, and body. Forget about the marks, and the simple flaws! Dress up today in anything you want, add some lipstick and jewelry. Next we’re going to add some heels…… STUNT BABY ! You look lovely.



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Let’s grind together !

Everybody looks like there having the life on social media, but I’m going to be the one to tell you the truth I’m still working towards mine. I’m working on it each and everyday, while working 2 jobs it’s very stressful ! But at the end of the day who’s going to help you succeed? Not your mommy, daddy, not your boyfriend, NO ONE but YOU!
I did a lot of crazy things in my years and I know I have more years to come but I’m learning from each mistake I make. I wake up each day and grind because I want to make an impact on women to go harder! I love seeing women working on ways to succeed and empowering others to make a difference. This empire of mines will be created in a matter of time. I really think the future is female, it has to be. I want the younger generation to understand in order to grow and get to where you need to be, you need to do it yourself. My generation some women just want to hang with others who always got the tea ☕️ but why ? Let’s find the boss females that spend everyday working on themselves.
Let’s help the next women, don’t talk down to the next women, HELP THEM! But if there not willing to take that help then you keep moving.

I’m tired of making someone else rich, so I’m going to do what I have to do to establish my own empire. Feminist Harmony is all about real queens fixing another queens crown when it has fallen down. It’s going to take a lot to build an empire but trust me I’ll make it happen!
Join me on my road to success even though not every turn I choose isn’t the right way.

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Why settle for love ?

Isn’t being in love the greatest feeling? Didn’t you feel all them crazy butterflies in your stomach ? And when the relationship was good, it was GREAT, but when it went bad, it was BAD ! You probably wanted to be done and over with the relationship, or did you want to continue in the toxic relationship because you been with this person for 1+ years ? If you picked the second option, your most definitely settling.


Yes being alone may be terrifying or intimidating to someone, but it isn’t that bad,  as I had to learn that on my own. My past relationships has been a rollercoaster that never ends. I had to learn that I’m so young (18 years old) that I will find true love one day. My relationships were never that serious, even though I took some as if they were. 2016 made me learn that, everyone isn’t going to match your loyalty, there not going to love you the same as you do them, and everyone isn’t perfect. Trying to place your needs and happiness on another’s soul, is just going to end with disappointment and failure. We can’t be happy with anyone else if were not happy with our own heart and soul.


I’ve just started loving myself and learning to be alone. During my high school years I always was either in a relationship or talking to some stupid boy. But my senior year changed me a quite bit, because I was battling a almost year relationship and we was either together or we wasn’t. Me and this boy went through so much but we learned from different mistakes. The day we finally broke it off, of course I was heartbroken, but I did my little “glo” up lol and I had to boss up. At the end of the day were always going to be friends, but there could never be an US again. After that I learned to be alone, and it has been amazing lol, I found out where I wanted to go in life, I’m attending Virginia Wesleyan, I’m starting this feminist Harmony blog because I want to establish a empowerment for women (I’ll get into that later on). And there will be ALOT more opportunities I’m getting into for 2017, but I’ll keep that on the low low for now.


Well I’m SINGLE still ! Lol but yes I have met this amazing person, that I think is so intelligent and incredible. Who knows were we’ll go in the future, but I do pray each and everyday, that god will have a great future for the both of us. Until then, I have the most wonderful and kind hearted friend I ever met, and he and I will succeed in this lifetime.


Ladies ! Look in the mirror and tell yourself that your beautiful! Do not settle for someone that doesn’t match your loyalty and love. Do not love unless it’s passionate and extraordinary. Let that love shake you up and make you grow into this incredible person. Let it lead you to adventures and have you wake up and love your life. Most importantly let that person bring you happiness. In the meanwhile date yourself, like me I take myself on dates, like to the movies, dinner, shopping and getting my nails done. Let love find you.

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Am I Depressed?

Yes i am….
This year I experienced the toughest trials in my life. It’s hard being depressed and highly emotional, because I distanced myself from many people. You know the “supposingly” friends I thought I had they never checked up on me to see if I was okay. I don’t have any friends what so ever, no one asks me “do you want to hang out tonight” or just a simple text saying hey! Sometimes I just sit and think like no one really cares how I feel. You know I’m beginning to realize how little i mean to everyone and it’s pretty painful. And yeah i am a naturally introverted person, I always been. My introverted qualities always got misunderstood with being “stuck up”, “mean”, or “antisocial”. But I am the nicest person you’ll ever meet, once you get to know me. Everyone has bad days, experience trials, and goes through a struggle. Yeah, it’s nice to have that one friend to just talk to sometimes, but I don’t have that right now. My life just feels like a test I didn’t study for. And when i cry about one thing,  I end up crying about my whole life.
The lesson to this is dont be so quick to judge a person, you never know what there going through. Help someone out just by asking if there okay, or if they need anything, instead of gossping behind their back. You may make someone’s day,because communication goes a long way.

#Feminist Harmony is what this is all about, it’s about helping women all over the world. It’s about inspiring women to be powerful, independent, and supporting other women through any cause. I want Feminist Harmony to grow, and I’m going to grind everyday to make this happen.